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I am sure you heard about recent collaboration of UTV with IZEA to bring sponsoeredtweets to India. ( In case you didn’t Click here ) UTV will be mainly involved in bringing celebrities in their tweeter panel. I believe it will be first of its kind of platform to be focusing on Indian market. There has been evolvement of many such services in recent years. If you have decent number of followers, you can definitely approach these services and make few bucks out of it. They give you pretty impressive CPC.

I am wondering why no one has bothered to implement same model for Facebook walls ? Microblogging is becoming seamingly popular over facebook as well. Their are people who have thousands of subscriber to their feeds. These people run their microblogging through their persona account and pages.

Technically, where these twitter based services asks your twitter username and password which is not safe any many user might be skeptical to share, similar Facebook based services can be run merely on access token which user can unauthorize at any time. Leveraging profile information of friends can always provide better proposition to advertisers.  A little bit of intelligence can give you profile of user who has actually clicked the advertisement. Better analytics and better targetting – isn’t that all is needed for a marketeer to live a happy life ?

At the publisher end, where ad adly or sponsored tweets purely operates on celebrity model, the facebook platform can leverage the same in addition to small publishers with small number of followers ( ~ 2K-3K ). There are thousands of such pages on Facebook which were created by microblogging enthusiasts who still have no clue about their monetization.

I see a great market opportunity here and probably the one who start first will receive an early mover advantage. Its an investor friendly idea with a potential to become a successful company in future.