Day-Dreamer's Diary

About Me

Although I am still introspecting about myself. Getting to know yourself is one of the most difficult task. Sometime I behave very surprisingly at certain situations – which gives me more insight about myself. I am still discovering my qualities – both good and bad, habits,  thoughts, perceptions etc. Sometimes, I feel like I am just riding this body which I am trapped in. I am trying my best to know this person so that I can make his future better.

Anyways, I was born in 1987. At the time of writing this article I am around 24 years old. I went to a ‘better’ engineering school of India where I formally studied Chemical Engineering. Frankly speaking, I hardly know anything about those reactors, pumps, pipes, mass transfer ( at least I know the terms 😛 ). I still wonder why did I choose this stream.

I had lots of childhood want-to-be-become-this dreams when I was young. My mother often tells me that I wanted to be a policeman when I was too young. I still don’t know what would have inspired me to do that. Probably, increasing crime in the town would have hurt small heart of a 5 year old. Or probably, it was because my dad once brought me a police dress which my friends admired.

When I was around 13 year old, my dad got me a computer. It was like a dream coming true. The keyboard which had like millions of buttons, and a screen in front of it – I used to feel like being in a cockpit flying jumbo jet. I could play games, I could draw painting on paintbrush. I could save files, I could make notes. I could do anything which I ever wanted to. Bill Gates suddenly became my hero and windows 95 became the way of my life.

I used to spend lots of time around it. My mom used to call me at least 10 times each evening for the dinner. I wouldn’t leave the desk until she pulled the plug. She wouldn’t let me even save my files. It was a nightmare, until I bought a UPS which could make my computer run for at least 10 minutes – time enough to save my files. And good thing was, my mother could never figure out why my computer didn’t turn off even though she pulled the plug 🙂

After I got computer at my home and got to know more about software industry. It inspired me to do something great in software. Probably, I could make a software which would sell for millions of dollars – I thought. But, no one wanted to buy a ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ simulation game made in Visual Basic from a 14 year old. I still wonder, it even had a question editor which could push random questions based on their difficulty level.

When I joined engineering school, I used to be a backbencher. I often made records of getting lowest marks in the courses. I was lagging behind lots of courses at the time I should have graduated.  I used to miss classes, I used to miss exams, I used to miss quizzes. No wonder, I was lagging behind.

I started an IT service company a while back. My vision like lots of other fellow entrepreneurs is to make it big. My vision is to make a self sustainable business which can grow itself. An organization which create value for society, value for its customers, value for its employees, value for its stakeholders.


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