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Many “Entrepreneurs” might kill me after reading this article ūüôā

So many a times I have this discussion from fellow¬†Entrepreneurs¬†who are working hard to build their dream company. ¬†When asked that why they preferred to be an Entrepreneur, rather than choosing a regular worldly path of good career. More often or not they answer with “I won’t have any boss to order me”. I think they misinterpreted the general philosophy of whole Entrepreneurship.

What elders said is “You need to be your own boss”. That means technically you have a boss, and you are the one who should be bossing around to yourself. What is a Boss anyway ? A boss is someone who scold you if you miss any deadline or not able to deliver quality. A boss is someone who give you real tough time after 5PM if a project delivery is on your head even if you might be waiting to meet your dearest wife. At the same time, a boss is also someone who praises you at occasions when you actually have done a good job and make you feel proud on yourself. ¬†He gives you direction when you are confused. That ain’t sound like a bad boss. In fact, I don’t disagree with the whole concept of having a boss hovering over your head.

A good friend of mine once said “A boss is someone who brings the real out of you.” Do you think you can replace that guy with yourself ? Can you scold yourself when you missed any personal¬†commitment¬†? ¬†Can you make yourself sit in office or your work place for hours to honor¬†commitment¬†to yourself ? If yes, than yes, you can be your own boss. ¬†But true again, you need a boss. Be it you or some one else to make you productive.