Day-Dreamer's Diary

Looking at your life as if you are sixty

Posted on: February 24, 2012

By the way I am 24. When I see my life when I used to 10, I don’t remember what I did on any particular wednesday, although I remember macroscopic events, my  feelings from macroscopic view.  I see a summary of life. Well, I used to be a happy kid who was afraid of his teachers because they would punish him for not doing his home work.  I also try to remember, exactly how I used to think ? How I used to take life ? How exactly I used to perceive people, family etc. And when I think about it, I see a lot’s of areas where I could have improved my self.

I wish I had a little more confidence and a little more understanding of things, I could have done something better in life.  So the real question is, am I going to spend my remaining days like this only ?

Where after every couple of years, or decade may be, I will look back and think I could have done this or that. Well, I guess not. The idea situation would be, where I look back and see that I did my best. Isn’t it ?

So that’s where this perspective become useful. Trust me, it’s amazing.

How ?

First, you might be struggling with lot’s of problem. When you look from this perspective, these problem will not look more than a college assignment to you. The “worry” will go away and confidence will come in.

Second, relationship, you might not be giving sufficient time or space to some one they deserve, now look back. I guess I don’t need to explain that.

Third, taking initiatives, very often we do not take some initiatives thinking we are not good enough for that. Even thought deep down we believe we really should do that. I really don’t want 34 year old me yelling at 24 year old me, asking why didn’t I do some particular thing. Well, you will take the initiative. We are all answerable to ourselves 10 years later.


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