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What is “becoming” anyway.

Can I “become” a bird ? As hindu mythologists say you do. If you do some X set of things, you will be born as bird. So is it action, which make us “become”.

I was stupid, I “became” smarter after I had X experience. So is it learning that make us “become”. Or is it like action that brings learning eventually, and make us “become” Y.

So do I keep doing action and wait for the learning to come in ?

Or I just wait “action” to take place eventually ?

An easy would be to make myself fall into a scenarios where some certain set of actions has to be taken by oneself, and consequently certain set of learning has to be grasped and person “become” something.

I take a jump into a pond, would it possible to “learn” swimming ? I guess yes, If I manage to survive. What If I die ? Will I get some part of learning in my next life ? I need to jump in couple of lives, to be born as a perfect swimmer. If I had been smart enough, I would have learnt in my first life.

Even if there is a generic and constant learning associated with an action, all I can grasp is a form of this. An interpretetion. I need to have a certain intellect to get the real learning out of it. Or is the concept of “real” learning is falsified itself ? It depends on one’s perception toward the learning. There is no such thing as “real”. All is perception.