Day-Dreamer's Diary

Asteroid 2055 YU55

Posted on: November 10, 2011

Hello People,

I never thought I would reveal this in public like this. Yesterday, this asteroid swooped past the earth, while it was passing, few of its piece broke and fell on earth. A very tiny such piece fell on my head while I was walking. First I thought some street kid is trying mess around with me, but when I looked down I saw a shining piece of metal which almost blinded me. I hesitated to pick it up, you wouldn’t believe, it was as light as air and as bright as full moon in the night. It was soft like cotton. I could not believe my eyes but I brought it home anyways.

I put this in the cup board at my work desk. I usually work late at night and yesterday was no different. Around mid night what I see was unbelievable to my eyes. That piece was lifted a bit from its bottom and was hanging in air. It was slowly rotating on its axis. It was mid night so I didn’t deny the possibility of me dreaming. I took it out from the jar and took a closer deep look. The stone wasn’t solid. Yup, when I took a closer look it was like condensed fumes. I was bit scared but excited at the same time. I put that back in the jar and started working.

In the morning I had hell lots of pending work to finish, many meetings to attend and an urgent client assignment to deliver; so my mind had no space to think about any extra terrestrial object which almost broke my head ( Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt when it hit me. ) In the evening when I sit on my regular chair in the regular room, I realized I had no regular day today. My mind was working excellently. My meeting went well, assignment got delivered, pending tasks got finished and above all I called many of my old friends to see how they were doing. All this in a single day, was like a dream for me.

And then I looked at that jar and the rotating stone inside it. It had changed in color. It had got some reddish tinch on the surface. So what all happened to me, how do I explain it ?  Was it because of this stone ? Surprising enough, but there is no alternative explanation for the same. Is it like the movie “Limitless” ? Or did I get some super powers ? Naah, you got to be bitten by some radioactive spider to get super powers. It can not happen just like that.

I didn’t get any super natural psychic power which could let me read minds or teleport myself to where I want. Neither I got any extraordinary vision. Only thing is, every thing became crystal clear in my mind. All information and knowledge that I have gained in my entire life is easily accessible.

I guess, there must have been several such pieces which fell on earth yesterday. Did any of you guys found it ? How is that working for you.

I’ll keep posting how it is working for. Meanwhile, I am thinking of giving it a name ? Any ideas ?


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