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The dilema of becoming a “Bada Aadmi” and Formula for Success

Posted on: November 4, 2011

Bada Aadmi is a popular slang in India for successful person. Every parents want their children to be a “Bada Aadmi”. When children get good grades in school or win some trophy, neighbours and family members start speculating “Ye bada aadmi banega” ( He is going to be a really successful ). In India, for us success if not a luxury, it is often mandatory. Its the way of life. Its what we live for.

When asked in school “What do you want be in your life ?” The common answer is “Astraunat, Prime Minister etc etc” They hardly say “Painter or Artist” We have a peculiar image of what we call “Bada Aadmi”, based on many socio-economic parameters.

Very few of them actually get good grades and get into good academic institute because that only can enlighten your path to become a “Bada Aadmi”. However, this preaching since early childhood leaves us in a great dillema in our mid 20’s. That’s the time when we had taken a step into adulthood by becoming a “Aadmi” and stilll struggling in our life to add that adjective “Bada”. The belief of becoming a “Bada Aadmi” has deeepened in our thoughts that often lead to daydreaming. Although no body has done survey on the same, but I am sure the largest number of victims of bipolar disorder can be found in India.

Many of these people do not accept this very fact in public, but deep down they believe that they are going to do something big in their life.

I am not sure if Newton, JK Rowling, Barack Obama or Steve Jobs ever thought like this in their mid 20’s, but I guess they always had this intution. Living with this thought is sometime amazing, it gives you a great propulsion. However, when things doesn’t turn around according to your dream, it leaves us deep negative impact hampering self-confidence, self-reliance as well.

So what’s the agenda here,

Well, I am trying to figure our a recipe for success. Sounds crazy? Huh ?

All my life I heard they saying “There is no shortcut for success”. “Hard work, dedication, passion etc are the keys to success” Well, First of all, I am not trying to find any shourtcut for success. I am trying to figure out if there is any methodology for success. If any such methodology exists, is there any way to predict that based on the set of controllable parameters. So here is my hypothesis.

Suppose, if we get “all possible data” in the world. Data of all events in the history of the world, complete log of human behaviour, complete understanding of human mind, a complete understanding of every tiny thing in the world. And now, we have a super-duper computer to analyze that data. We identify all points which we define as success. All preceding events, human psychology, human behaviour, everything. We identify those patters, and based on the analysis of these patterns, we are able to generate a formula of success. The only logical question asked should be, if it is actually theoritically possible to derive some generic formula for “success” based on these patterns. If answer to this particular problem is yes, than here we are, we have cracked the formula for success.

It looks life Sci-Fi movie trailer, but if you look deeply into this hypothesis it has logical consisteny.

So question is, instead of waiting for another thousand year to discover that formula is there any scientic or logical approach which can lead us to “Success Formula”.

I do not hate hardwork. I have worked for days and months when required. Neither I have less respect for passion or dedication. I admire all those people who have reached to their goals by this or probably right now on their way. Just that, I never find myself too much passionate about something. Neither I want to make myself work for many hours.

All I want is “daydreaming” 🙂


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