Day-Dreamer's Diary

The perception or truth ?

Posted on: August 10, 2011

Lets do a thought experiment,

A robot who has all capabilities like humans e.g. walking, jumping, speaking, thinking  etc. Also, this robot has all needs like human e.g. food, sex etc. Now, lets assume for a moment he doesn’t have any ‘information’ or ‘knowledge’ in his mind.

Now, suppose this guy sees a guy eating food. He doesn’t understand what he is doing. His ‘curiosity’ made him to seek an ‘answer’ to that puzzle. He has only two sources of information – Either he asks other people who are living here much before him ( seek external knowledge ) or he can seek answer to the question by ‘thinking’ ( seeking internal knowledge ) Internal knowledge is difficult to achieve. The very basic nature of humans. The easier path would be to seek the knowledge from outside.  Probably the conversation would go like this ?

“What is he doing ?” – Robot asked.

“He is eating.” Human answered.

“Eating ? what is that ?” Robot has put himself in an infinite loop of questions now.

Guy explains the concept of eating and also explains why it is necessary.

The robot who just landed on the earth has forced too much information in short time. He come to know about the concept of eating, concept of needs, concept of death. However, the knowledge opens to the gate to infinite more questions. He suddenly start looking at a great ocean in front of him, full of knowledge. He keep travelling through the sea to catch the shore, but all he can see his just a horizon. A source of light, the sun meeting horizon.

During the process of seeking knowledge the robot also kept building perception – the linkage between two facts. Or in a simplistic way – the reason. The guy A is eating. The guy A will die. Two facts. If guy A doesn’t eat, he will surely die. The perception. Probably the reality. The problem arises when you do not have enough data points to link two information that results in weak linkage.

The guy A is eating. Eating is fun. Two facts. The guy A is eating to have fun. The perception.  Different perception. Different linkage.

What is the source of information so far ? An outsider.

This is just one level of perception building. Imagine linking a third fact linked to that.

Robot is hungry. The guy has already explained him concept of ‘hunger’ very well. He has also acquired the ‘knowledge’ on how tolessen the ‘pain’ of ‘hunger’. However, information gathered so are is not sufficient enough for him to know how to acquire ‘food’.

The guy explains him concept of money and how it can be acquired. He understand the concept of ‘work’.

Now, he can related concept of work, food and fun or work, food and death. He then related concept of work and fun or work and death. The work can be a means to survival or a means to have fun. This correlation as well can be acquired through external knowledge.

Now imagine such infinite facts and information linked to each other. Building perception after perception. And ultimately building a perception toward living life.  These perceptions build personalities, achievements, characters and everything.

However, imagine a second scenario, the robot lands on planet earth. Same scene, he sees a guy eating food. Now, instead of seeking knowledge of the same from outside, he explores his innerself. Its painful. Requires too much effort. Exhaustion. Pain. Seamless pain. However it ends after a while. He acquired the knowledge. In the same way, instead of building perceptions, he just keep gathering facts. He finds answers, not in the form of perception. But just in the form of another few facts.

How would that be ? How would that robot behave ? What will be his journey like ?

I suppose at any point of time in his life he will have enormous amount of data – totally uninterpreted. To perform any task, independent of its difficulty level, remarkableness – all he need is to analyze the data and see the possibility of achieving it. If its possible, given enough reasons to actually perform that task, he will be able to do it.

I am not sure if this state should be more desirable. It might be risky too. There is no proof if the answers explored from inner-self will be ‘better’ or ‘worse’. But I am sure it will be a totally different experience.  The world will appear totally different. The world will have different colors. Only those things will be performed that ‘matters’.





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