Day-Dreamer's Diary

Startup Diary #Rule

Posted on: June 27, 2011

As you spend time in this world, there are few things that you learn by experience. But the ‘cost of experience’ is really high. The another alternative yet complementary way of learning would be take knowledge from who have already done what you are doing. Listen to him very carefully.  Make it a ‘rule’. Remember it each and every time and apply in your life.

I believe rules described here are mandatory for all entrepreneurs with no exceptions at all. Most of them can be easily derived from common sense. However, one should appreciate the gravity and importance of these rules. Some people are so expert in practicing these rules that it has eventually become their habits.

Rule # Don’t be lethargic. Being lethargic is one of the worst thing that can happen to an Entrepreneur. 

Does it happen to you that few things are not done not because you were not capable or you did not put any efforts. They were messed up because you didn’t take any timely action Timely action is the essential to make your start-up as well as yourself stress free. You will be able to think with open mind when it is not blocked with stress. The decision making should be done only in this particular state of mind. No need to do things early, just make sure it do it on right time. Take the action, difficult it might be, but take the call.

You have a meeting on Tuesday and you know that you are not you might need at least a dozen hour to make that pitch. Think thoroughly, consider all the options. Take the action a week before. Start with something small and keep improvising it. But again, take a timely decision. Working overnight over weekend won’t get you good result. However, I am not against this model of working but it should not be done when mission is critical. If you are working on your idea with no deadline imposed, Probably working late nights continuously would be a good idea. But in this case its not.

Remember this rule. Write it on your arm, make a cheat sheet, make a wallpaper on your blackberry – do whatever you want to, to keep it in your memory.  But not following this is not an option.


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