Day-Dreamer's Diary

why so many street smart Entrepreneurs

Posted on: June 3, 2011

Why do we so many so many street smart entrepreneurs who made millions without any formal education. Why even the best MBA schools of the world could not formalize these lessons learnt by these entrepreneurs.
Well, probably they did. Probably this is exactly what they teach in their well known entrepreneurship courses, but you can learn swimming by reading books. The best way to learn swimming is to take a dive into the pool. Books might help you with tricks which could help you in learning it quickly. But overall, holding your breath, getting your lungs filled with water, you sneeze for many days, you find yourself dumb as your nose and eatrs are filled with water, but in a matter of few days, everything is passed with nothing left but the joy of swimming.

These are just essential part of the learning. You fall, you make mistakes, you screw yourself over and over and you learn from each and every mistake, that is the only path to success.

A man who did not make mistakes probably didn’t put enough efforts.

Things are bit difficult on my side these days but this motivation is keeping me alive. Few more months and I will bring things on track.


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