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Learning from your mistakes… Does that mean you need to make one to learn ?

Posted on: March 25, 2011

As they say you should learn from your mistakes. Does it also mean that you need to make mistake to learn ? How exactly does that work ?

Lessons of life are not taught in school. How to choose your life partner ? Answer to these kind of questions can not be found in academic curiculam ( unless you have done a PhD or masters in psychology ). They can be learnt from your experience only. So does that mean you should marry at least once, learn from your mistake so that you make a right choice next time ? But damm you life, it gives you once chance. That’s it.

What should one do in that case ? Consult with someone who has already done that. Meet at least few of them. Gather the opinions, methodology, experience.  Put your set of life philosophy into the equation, you will find the answer. That’s why in Indian tradition, we take suggestion from the old ones in case there is any trouble in the family.

Same is the true with startup world. You might be damm good at technology, but again you should accept the facts about things you have no idea about. That’s exactly why concept of Mentors came into picture. You should have mentor. If not one, find people for different field. Your uncle might be good at hiring – consult with him for your next hiring batch. Your dad might be good with numbers – consult with him regarding your books.

But essence is, find some one you can run to – when your ass is on fire.


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